Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Cocktail Bar - Limoncello, mandarincello, and a non alcoholic equivalent

I've been seeing lots of recipes for limoncello around, and I have some going at the moment.
I also have some home made Everclear (don't ask) left over.
So, yesterday, I caught my trolls eating manadrin oranges, so I thought I'd make mandarincello with the skins left over.
It was really easy to make, too. I got the skins, rolled them up, put them in a cleaned and sterilised bourbon bottle, and poured the rest of the everclear over. All the Aussies out there can try this with vodka (or ask a mate with a still for just the pure alcohol, but you didn't hear that from me...)
In around 3 weeks, I should have around 1 Litre of mandarincello to drink, mixed with soda water (club soda) on ice.
And the non alcoholic version?
Freshly squeezed orange juice, mixed with lemonade (Sprite) will taste about the same :)

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