Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Cocktail bar - The Mimosa

I missed last weeks blog because I was otherwise occupied (that post is friends locked. If you want to be able to read it, you'll need to get a livejournal account, and friend me).
So, this is Friday afternoons post, which I promised you.

The Mimosa
The Mimosa is a beautiful, elegant, simple drink. Most of us have had them, and not realised what we were drinking, by name. In fact, most of us would call them "Champagne and OJ", which is technically incorrect, because Champagne is specific to the region of Champagne in France, which infers you're drinking The Good Stuff. Said Good Stuff should be enjoyed for what it is (Though, my opinion is that it's fizzy vinegar, but that's just me ;) ).
So, the recipe.

Sparkling wine (White, and preferably dry) - Chilled
Orange juice - Chilled
Champagne flutes - Chilled

Half fill the Champagne flutes with sparkling wine. Top with orange juice.
You can garnish with a slice or segment of orange, if you want.

Non alcoholic version

Use orange juice with soda water in champagne flutes, making sure both are chilled. Sparkling mineral water would also work well.

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