Thursday, May 13, 2010

The teastick

Again, not a recipe post!

I was stumbling last night, and came across The Teastick, a single serve way to get a lovely cup of tea.
This for me is wonderful in a few different ways.

  1. I love tea. And it's because it's tea that I've posted it here
  2. I love sleek looking designs that combine form and function so well, which is why it is also posted on InfoxicatingDesigns
  3. I could see me using it, not just in a cup (I always drink my tea in a cup, with matching saucer), but I can also see my mother using it, for her plain, bland, boring black tea, in her bone china mug with a design of otters chasing butterflies badgers chasing a worm (I spoke to my mother yesterday. She chipped her otters mug)
I might have to buy it, just to check to see if it is as good as the reviews say


alai said...

Oh, this is brilliant, thank you for sharing it! We had something like this in Shanghai, a single-serving infuser in the shape of a quaver/eighth note where the bell would hold the tea. Sadly it was made of plastic and broke, and we've been making use of a cheap small pot from a Japanese 100 yen shop ever since. This looks like the perfect replacement. :)

InfoxicatingLady said...

Apparently, you can also get them in a "jelly" range, which is also a plastic.
I just love it because I love tea, and hate having to make a full pot for just one cup - and tea bags always taste like the paper the tea is in :)